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    As a Coeliac, Covid has hit me and other sufferers hard. Shelves were cleared by many non Coeliacs, leaving few staples for us, the worst item missing for me was flour. As an avid baker I found it incredibly hard, plus being vegetarian, vegetables were like gold dust! I am sure many were wasted when people bought produce they would never eat nor even had before. I am so grateful for the suppliers we got to know and the produce we managed to get especially as I was one who had to work for another business to get us through the pandemic. Now, I am happily back to my baking! Recently flapjack seems to be a favourite, even with Kira but I am sure the oats are good for her too! Flapjack is great as a quick pick me up with plenty of protein    ( great for running!) and I try to use natural sweeteners where possible. Mixed seeds, fruit and nuts or my favourite, ginger get liberally mixed in there ( Kira's are plain ), that is the nice thing, anything goes!   Recently I have been lucky enough to get cooking and eating apples from neighbours, so they are getting added to alsorts as well as the usual crumble! I also often use the puree in cakes instead of margarine  to make the cakes a bit more moist as some gluten free flours tend to soak up alot of water ie coconut flour. Crab apples have been plentiful, so also making crab apple and rosehip jelly which is on the go now too! I think my family get a little tired of their Christmas presents being made, either edible or not! I am not adverse to foraging (safely with my handed down knowledge from my Gran!) for produce, made some gorgeous pesto and soup from Ransoms, wild garlic, quite pungent as well! I love adding young nettles to my spinach too! If you do chose to try foraging, please do so safely and responsibly, know what you are picking to eat as there are some highly poisonous berries and mushrooms out there!