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  • by Grace Gilpin
  • 31-10-2020
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This morning brought a little problem with my blog, ain't technology grand? OK most of my posts disappeared into that big, dark hole where lost thoughts go but I can begin again a bit like paintings!

We spend alot of time as an adult worrying about things not being 'good enough' be it a cake, a painting, hairstyle, dress, whatever. When we are children we mostly just 'do things', not thinking about consequences or how others view what we do and I find it sad that we allow others opinions to stop us having a go at something. 

I am guilty of this too, watching Swaledale Runners run past after teaching a class on a Thursday evening and thinking, I want to do that. One stupid and thoughtless remark stopped me until I was 52, how sad that I allowed that? ( I have made up for it now though! lol)

Art is the similar, many I have taught say the same, 'I enjoyed it at school but I was no good'. I try to tell everyone, you don't have to show any of your work to anyone and when you do produce one you like, show that one off! To me enjoyment of doing it is important, of course you want it to be the best but we all have to learn and splotching about with paint, pencil and brush lets you learn (and remember!) about mistakes, good points, bad points and happy accidents! You cant be like anyone else, you are unique and can only be guided by someone who has 'been there, done that', so don't compare yourself with your neighbour, have a bit of fun and be kind to yourself!

Although I am not particualarly technically minded, again because of the fear of doing something wrong, I have been enjoying playing with my graphics tablet. ( Alan is agast! lol) The joy is a mistake can be removed easily but again someone has to guide you with basics! Its as easy to loose mistakes as your masterpiece though but all the marks, textures, lines and erasing you can do are amazing and that is where I am happily playing once again, like that little child many years ago!

So take a step back, get out a piece of paper and a pencil or paints and have a play, promise no one will see!

Have fun!!