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We recently came across an old cd with images on and looking through them brought a rush of memories from such a long time ago!

Every Saturday I used to teach 2 small classes of children a variety of arts and crafts, you name it we tried it! Gluing, sticking, painting, drawing and also projects I had tried as a child, which to my classes were very odd at times! I loved working out how to make things from card or offcut mountboard, both of which I had aplenty! ( so I was actually a recycler back then! ). Periscopes, moving figures with split pins, lots of paper play and simple 'sraperboard' using wax crayons, 3D projects with card and clay, concertina books and the pom poms with a couple of rings of card!

Many children don't really get to get dirty, cut or stick and just create and I find that sad. Even all those years ago it surprised me that a child's attention span had dropped to around 15 minutes ( that was later to follow with adult art classes using a similar timescale ), things needed to be made and finished with little joy or experimentation. I was an avid reader and got lost with images in my mind from the words but many were becoming spoilt by films and the emergence of using computers, preferring to watch rather than use their imagination.

Today we are looking at all the Arts being cut back from the education system and this, I think is not a good thing to do.