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Over the weekend I completed Virtual Richmond Castle 10k, just enjoying it, despite the hills! A lovely medal to add to my collection, though I don't run many races that actually give out medals! Then on Sunday Kira had a rest as I took part in a running workshop - strength and conditioning and a very hilly tempo run. I'm sure plenty of the walkers at the suspension bridge in Reeth over the weekend had a laugh at us desperately trying to co ordinate our arms and legs while doing all the drills and avoiding the cowpats!

I love running/walking in Swaledale, unlike some I am happy to just enjoy being out there, happy to talk, just stand and stare and pet other dogs. Meeting people from all over the world sharing a tiny piece of their lives, enjoying a snippet of their impressions of the Dale and our mutual love of the surrounding beauty.

I spent some time on New Years Day with Kira, running to the top of Calver, to just take everything in, rather than a busy Park run, which is what I would usually do. It was stunning, no one else in sight, a fantastic day as we were out early, a time to recharge and reflect. Kira was (and always is) very happy to sit and take everything in, maybe because of her past City life, she never had the time to just sit and watch life go by!

These times all make me realise we may not have a perfect life but we can always enjoy a little something, be it a walk, silence, freedom, a laugh, music, friendship or companionship (be it 2 legged or 4!), it is indeed true, the best things in life are free!