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I studied Fine Arts and Printmaking at Harrogate, Sunderland and Chelsea School of Art where I gained my M.A.. I have worked in various art related jobs until returning back to Richmond and began Gilpin Fine Arts in 1989. My paintings, landscapes, abstract and portraits of animals sell across the world and I have acquired a strong customer base who collect my sheepdog paintings. In 1994 I moved to Gallowfields Trading Estate in Richmond, after requiring extra space to undertake more bespoke framing.

Today, I teach extensively, covering a wide range of topics from watercolours, oils, pastels and acrylics to silk painting. I have regularly taught crafts for the N.S.P.C.C. and in 2006 finished a mural for Sure Start in Colburn, Catterick Garrison. My painting abilities are not solely confined to animals, I have a diverse range of subjects in my repertoire ranging from ships, planes, trains and portraits. My latest passion is sculpture which I aim to explore further in the near future.