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Finally getting the framing jobs finished, I may have time to have a play with some of my tools, my graphics tablet and  pyrography kit!

My laptop has been repaired so I can now try and use my graphics tablet again but this may involve deep concentration and one or two naughty words! Technology and me don't always do well but as an artist who loves exploring all art forms, I have in the past played with cartooning, caricature and manga, the latter interested me enough to invest in the graphics tablet with no idea of what it involved!!  I have been fiddling with a portrait of Kira, from a photo on my phone I may be here some time.....

My lovely 'little bro' bought me the pyrography kit for my birthday, the last time I used one was around 25 years ago, so the tools are so much better. My brother and nephew have produced some lovely little pieces and I'm excited to see what I can do and actually practice what I preach and have a bit of fun giving it a go!

Of course Alan is chasing me to get this years Christmas card design done and finished as well, so keep a look out for that, which no doubt will involve the Swaledale sheep again!