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I have painted, drawn or created all my life, though sometimes it has been in a bit more unusal ways, for example recently painting on cakes! (a blog will follow on that later!) Sometimes though, it is hard to keep on track and focussed, things can easily stop me from working on time sensitive projects or commissions, I get excited about something I have seen or I have an idea for a painting or making an item and off my mind goes, desperate to give it a go!

It is a never ending task to keep my mind on the straight and narrow as, at the end of the day, even though I love being a batty artist, I need to make money like everyone else! But that fine line between me expressing my creativity and making money from commissions is difficult to tread. At college, I explored all media, letting creativity flow through me, having fun and developing ideas through using media in wild and wonderful ways. ( this exploration did however give me a vast knowledge about materials and their uses!) I was however always fully aware the big bad world outside college would need me to work and earn money, even working to help myself get through college without all the debts many others had.

We all struggle with time, tiredness, stress, children, pets,' LIFE!!', work, bills etc but if you really want to or love doing something you can find a way to achieve it.

Finally, I do, in my own way, settle in and get my work done and am happy that my mind is always full of ideas, I just wish I would remember to use my sketch books to put all the chaos down in!