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Today, Saturday I had every intention to do one of my clubs virtual championship runs, most likely a half marathon. the weather very rarely puts me off and the fog, rain and mug didn't today! However Kira had other ideas! She had her morning walk, so I thought she would happily settle down with Alan. I merrily got ready, planned my route and went to put my trainers on..Kira was up and ready for the off again!

I never expect Kira to run with me all the time, I allow her to decide if she wants to come out for a run and today, there was no way I was getting out of the door without her! She is a typical husky by all accounts, stubborn, goofy, nosy, a little aloof with people she doesn't know and a has a high prey drive. She has learned all of my running or walking routes, including all the spots where we see deer, hare or pheasants! Running with her cannicross style is certainly interesting, particularly downhills! ( uphill is usually a 26k husky pull up by me !!) I was hoping this year to do a couple of races with her but sadly Covid put an end to them all but hopefully next year we will give it a go.

My club, the Swaledale Runners decided to do virtual championship runs and included dogs and other family members in them, which is really nice. Many of us have dogs, some rescues, some rehomed due to sad situations and others have just been part of families from puppyhood, most have been included in parts of our lives others never get to experience. For Kira not only has it calmed her but also given her such pure enjoyment, my joy comes from seeing her love being out and learning about the countryside and wildlife around us.

So we completed the 10 miles on trails,  mud, water, fog and rain today in a little over 1h 50 mins, happy, very wet and dirty but so pleased to have had that time out and been able to enjoy life!