0 The good, the bad and the bright side.

  • by Grace Gilpin
  • 30-11-2020
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Another lockdown nearly over and many struggling with what life has thrown at us. Yes, it has been and will still continue to be hard for many of us but I have always been a glass half full type of person.

 am lucky that I can get out and am happy to walk or run with Kira, in all weathers be it wind, rain, fog or snow. I have also started to really appreciate what is around me, the colours, the shapes, the animals and for the first time in a couple of tough years, I am actually wanting to get back to painting and creating with what inspires me. I do still love producing commissions, particularly animals but I enjoy colour and the way my mind cries out to just have fun and produce works for me. The problem with that of course is I need to make a living!

This morning the moon was absolutely stunning, a photograph would never reflect what I saw but I am happily keeping an internal image for a future oil painting, so keep a look out! Even all the rain and water has made me love all the reflections in puddles and pools, ( though cleaning Kira after our wet walks is not a chore I enjoy much but she does!!). So when you are out, be nosey in nature, look at whats around, expect the unexpected and hold it ready to just have some fun creating something for you!