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The village we live in has been happily producing Advent Windows which, so far has been a huge success! We took the 3rd December and it was quite a task for me as we have the old fashioned 16 pane sach windows! I really wanted to do something with the 12 days of Christmas but the size of each pane just made that impossible, so i just went for it and chose to use papercuts, glass painting and tissue paper. 

I also decided to play with using recycled items, mostly plastic to make things to hang up. One idea I have had is proving a little problematic but I will eventually work through it! This will hopefully end up with a colourful character to display, so updates on that later!

I always choose to make rather than buy as 1, I am a tight Yorkshirewoman, 2, I love to play with paper, paint etc, 3 I love to encourage others to have a go! Things dont have to be complicated, expensive or difficult, simple is often the best approach. Most of us have paper and sissors and computers have opened a world of ideas to us.

So if you need inspiration look around you, paper snowflakes are great fun, lots of images and patterns are available to download and use, get a little eco friendly glitter glue and have a some time having some fun! Or even have a go at using items you would normally throw away!smile

We love advising customers and giving help to make things, so if you need a little help pop in and I'm sure we can help with paper, tissue, glitter to help you along with your 'homemade Christmas'!


Hopefully, we may see you soon, safely!  sealed